Terms & Conditions


Artist is responsible for:
– contacting Valley Songs office for holding song
– mechanical licensing of recorded song chosen

You will be informed for periodic password changes for security measures via email.
All songs on first come first served basis
Lyric sheets not provided by writer maybe transcribed by Valley Songs for nominal fee of $20/song


All writers must follow guidelines of submission below.

Writers may sign publishing agreement with Pulpit & Pew Music in order to further promote their works and ensure licensing is maintained.


Submission Guidelines & Formats

Lyric Sheets:

The following extensions are allowed: doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt
Lyric Sheets can be transcribed by Valley Song Staff for $20/song

Music Files:

Music should be in MP3 Format Only

Submissions should be copyrighted.
Writers should be Registered with BMI for best results of royalties.

*Not following these guidelines will result in slower submission and promotion of said submission.
Remember when submitting a file that upload time differs from download time and may take a few minutes.

For Best Results: include in a zip file the MP3, Lyric sheet, copyright info, & BMI Works #.